One month left

In the last couple of years I had been dreaming of seeing the world and made it one of my top priorities.
Now I´m finally getting ready for my Big One. The adventure of a lifetime.

On the 8th of March 2019 I´m gonna set off for a round the world bicycle trip.
The plan is to start cycling east after leaving Europe, going through Central Asia to Southeast Asia and then on to Australia and New Zealand.
You can already see a map of the first leg to Greece here, where I will update the further stages and also put up the actual route once I´m on the road.

So on this website you´ll be able to follow my progress, but I´ll be probably posting more frequently on both Facebook and Instagram.

Are you nervous? Aren´t you scared?
Those are questions I have to answer almost every day to family and friends.
Yes, I am nervous. And excited, anxious, happy and downright scared. All at the same time – a roller-coaster of emotions.

Sometimes I´m questioning my sanity.
Sometimes I´d ask myself if this is total madness. If I can cope with what´s to come. If I can tackle the loneliness and embrace being alone out there.
I know that it won´t be all just fun and games, but that´s what I signed up for. For the unknown.

But before that it´s one more month of securities.
One month left of knowing, where I´d sleep that night.
One month of having a hot shower every day.
One month of an everyday opportunity to meet friends and family.
One month of not having to make finding water, food and a camping spot/shelter my first priorities.
One month left to gather everything I need for such an adventure.
One month left to prepare both physically and mentally.

One month until I´m starting my Big One.

4 Replies to “One month left”

  1. Rita, I know you are an experienced traveller. You did Austria – Africa by foot, Austria – Asia by bike, you spent time in Asia, Central America,.. so you will also do the Big One!
    Whatever you do don’t fall (Angélique Kidjo)

    1. Thank you so much!! I will try not to fall 😂

  2. Go go brave girl! I already wonder where will we meet on the road!

    1. One thing I know for sure: we’ll definitely make it happen 😃

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